October 3, 2010

Language Lesson- Herbs & Spices

I have been in Brazil for a little while, and while I know enough Portuguese to get me in trouble but I can't make my way around a kitchen.  The Brazilian kitchen lacks even the most basic herbs and spices and if I want something other than salt, garlic, and onion then I have to pull out the dictionary and make a trip to the store or open-air market.  So, if you are planning on making a meal while in Brazil or translating a recipe, here is a helpful guide of herbs and spices in English and Portuguese.  Boa sorte!

Allspice Pimenta-da-Jamaica
Anise Erva-doce
Basil Manjericấo
Bay Leaves Louro
Cardamom Cardamomo
Cayenne Pimenta-de-Caiena
Chives Cebolinha
Cinnamon Canela
Cloves Cravo
Coriander Coentro
Cumin Cominho
Dill Endro
Fennel Funcho
Garlic Alho
Ginger Gengibre
Marjoram Manjerona
Mint Hortelấ
Mustard Seed Mostarda
Nutmeg Noz-Moscada
Onion Cebola
Oregano Orégano
Paprika Pimentấo
Parsley Salsa
Pepper Pimenta
Rosemary Alecrim
Saffron Açafrấo
Sage Sálvia
Sesame Seed Gergelim
Thyme Tomilho
Vanilla Baunilha

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