January 8, 2010

You Say Tagliatelle, I Say Campanelle

I'm in Brazil this month for work, and can't do a lot of cooking at the hotel. Since we can't cook my colleague and doing pretty well trying out the Sao Paulo food scene. Her and I (and a few others) were at Duo Cuochi at Shopping Cidade Jardim a couple of nights ago and my colleague asked, "what does Tagliatelle look like?" I was confident I could answer her! "They look like trumpets with ruffled edges." Fast forward a few minutes and out comes a plate with a very pretty nest of neatly wound Tagliatelle which looked a lot more like Angel Hair than trumpets with ruffled edges. I was convinced I was right, so I thought I would find a picture of the 'real' Tagliatelle and send it to her. In my pasta quest, I found a neat quiz on pasta shapes and names. I got 18 right, 6 wrong. How well did you do?

Take the quiz here http://www.slashfood.com/2009/09/01/pasta-shape-id-quiz/

In case you were wondering, the chef at Duo Cuochi was right and I was wrong. For more on Duo Cuochi, check them out here: http://www.duecuochi.com.br/


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